Your first visit will be approximately one hour. During this time there will be:
a detailed health history taken,
discussion of current concerns and goals,
chiropractic examination of the spine,
neurological and orthopaedic testing and evaluation, gait analysis,
postural assessment, muscle strength testing,
and functional biomechanics evaluation.

In some cases a first treatment may occur if indicated.

Digital X-rays, only if required, based on examination findings. Not all cases require X-rays, but in certain situations, x-rays of your spine may be necessary. X-rays are an important diagnostic tool which can show specific problems including fractures and arthritis. They are also used to rule out tumours and other conditions. Our flat panel DR digital X-ray machine is the latest technology, medical grade, low dose exposure. Our digital X-ray facility is on site for our patients’ convenience.

Your Second Visit

Report of findings: approximately 30minutes.
Each patient will have a thorough explanation of findings. Determination will be made as to whether chiropractic care is indicated. Referrals to other health professionals will be made if findings indicate necessary. A treatment plan will be recommended based on findings.
First adjustment or therapeutic modality may occur as findings indicate.

A consent form is required to be read, reviewed, discussed with your Chiropractor and signed prior to your first treatment. All questions and concerns are encouraged. Your health and wellness is our primary concern!