Setting the Wheels in Motion

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When you set the wheels in motion, you get something started and that’s exactly what has happened this past week at motion Chiropractic.

November 1st was our opening day for the new clinic.  It’s been an exciting process getting to this point, and my vision for the clinic has only just begun!  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all who have been a part of this new beginning!  I extend my gratitude to all those who have supported the vision and those with the skills to bring the ideas into reality.  Careful planning has been a part of each stage, but it’s the collaborations that have brought the vitality to the clinic.  From the very start, this has been a place where working together brings the best results!

Creating an environment for optimum healing, rehabilitation, wellness, and functional performance has been the main goal.  Taking the time needed to diagnose, create personalized treatment plans, and address individual patient’s needs is at the core of my practice.

Research consistently shows the importance of motion in our daily lives.  Living an active lifestyle is a basic component of healthy living.  Correct functional movement is key to athletic performance at any level, and pain free movement through life.  This past week, we have only begun to set the wheels in motion.  Our opening is an invitation to everyone in the community “to get something started”!  Drop by and have a tour of the Clinic.  Let’s discuss what motion can do for your life!

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