Meet Dr. Nathan Dean

Dr. Nathan Dean received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer West Chiropractic College, California, graduating with honours, Magna Cum Laude. Based on his high academic standing and referral from faculty he was invited to become a member of the national Pi Tau Delta Chiropractic Honours Society. He was certified in ART, Graston, and Kinesio Taping during his time at Palmer, and was a member of the Sports Council, Canadian Student Club, and Vice President of the Gonstead Club. Dr. Dean treated at numerous sporting events working with athletes of all levels during his years on Sports Council. Prior to receiving his graduate degree, Dr. Dean attended Concordia University Irvine, California on a full academic and athletic scholarship. He was the starting shortstop for the Concordia Eagles, graduating with a Pre-Med degree BA-Biology, Magna Cum Laude, and as an All American Academic Athlete.

Dr. Dean’s passion for Chiropractic began in his childhood. His numerous athletic activities and continuous struggles with headaches prompted him to seek the support, care and guidance of a neuromuscular skeletal specialist, his local Chiropractor! Within a few treatments his headaches were relieved and throughout his athletic pursuits, repeatedly he has turned to chiropractic care for various injuries and traumas, and preventative wellness care. Dr. Dean credits chiropractic care as an essential component of his athletic achievements and overall healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Dean is an avid sports enthusiast. He believes activity of any kind, at any age, or ability, is essential to well being. When not in his clinic, he is most likely to be found at a gym, cross-fit training, or in the mountains, boarding or biking, or on the ocean, kayaking, or hitting a ball of any kind, baseball, golf, tennis, volleyball…

In addition, he enjoys spending time volunteering with the local youth in the community baseball association, and with numerous sporting and fundraising events.

Dr. Dean is honoured to be able to live and practice in his hometown community where his own introduction to chiropractic began. Keeping members of his community in motion, active and healthy, functioning at their optimum level is Dr. Dean’s goal!