D.I.Y Rehab

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Home Dmotion chiropractic exercise bandepot has created an extremely successful business model by promoting D.I.Y (do it yourself) home renovations.  It’s cost effective for the home owner and allows the store to offer much lower prices, yet sell at a much higher volume.

D.I.Y, it always looks so easy!  Step-by-step instructions, a quick demo or CD to take home and before you know it you’re a master brick layer, electrician or even plumber!  I congratulate those who are able to master renovation and home repair so easily.  Having just built out my clinic, I have such admiration and respect for those skilled craftsmen and trades that worked on the project.  Their results speak for themselves, from the bones up, this clinic is built for both function and performance!  To achieve professional results, I turned to the pros, they knew what they were doing and the clinic reflects it!

Of course there is a place for D.I. Y., but we need to be able to discern when it can be a benefit, and when it can do more damage than not!

D.I. Y rehab for an injury is one of those places where more damage than healing can occur.  This was the reason I included a rehab gym within my clinic.  There are numerous printouts, CD’s and Youtube  videos  available demonstrating  rehab exercises for many common injuries.  The majority of research has shown, however, that patients receive superior results with chiropractic treatment and SUPERVISED rehab exercise.

It begins with the proper diagnosis of your injury or dysfunction.  Chiropractors are uniquely trained to provide physical examinations, orthopedic testing and analysis of your health history to make the proper diagnosis.  Treatment plans are personalized and may include various adjustment techniques, soft tissue work, and often rehab exercise.  It’s most advantageous to have your Chiropractor show you the exercise, supervise you while you perform the exercise,  make sure you are performing it correctly with the proper biomechanics, and then reinforcing this learning with a print-out or video of the rehab exercise as required for home practice.  During the treatment phase of an injury, a patient often needs to be reminded of proper form, and requires monitoring to avoid further injury.  Rehab exercises done wrong can lead to further dysfunction and pain.

Rehab exercise does not require a lot of equipment.  At home exercise programs can be achieved with just a few products:

  1. Theraband elastic tubing (resistance rehab)
  2. Exercise Ball (core training and balance)
  3. Foam roller (helps relax tight muscles)
  4. Light weights (soup cans can often be used!)

In the clinical setting, the on-site gym is beneficial to achieving optimal results for the patient through supervised rehab in the early stages of healing.   At home rehab exercise can follow after proper understanding and form is achieved under the supervision of your Chiropractor.  It takes a little more time, but the results are worth it!

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