GranFondo Weekend Contest – Sept. 6 -8, 2014

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A little over a year ago last September my brother and I were riding our bikes from Whistler to Pemberton.  At the time, my brother was on a hybrid, I was on my road bike.  I had several concerns about my brother’s ability to make the ride.  First, he was on a hybrid!  There are numerous mountain hills between Whistler and Pemberton, not an easy ride on a hybrid, and certainly not an easy ride for a novice, which my brother was.  Secondly, my brother had never been known for his athletic prowess, which is not to say he didn’t have the ability, he simply never had the desire.  This had always been the difference between us.  I engaged throughout my life in any and all athletic opportunities, enjoying working out as much as competing.  My brother was the musical one!

When I returned to BC to open my Chiropractic Clinic, part of my intention was to encourage my patients and members of my community to engage in lifelong physical activities; basically to get themselves in “motion”.  Working with athletes of all kind has been my passion, and promoting an active lifestyle for all ages is a part of my core practice.  I was also excited to start working-out with my brother in an effort to increase his fitness level.  We started hitting the gym, and while in Whistler for a short vacation, decided to tackle his first bike ride of any magnitude.

It was a great success.  He was completely exhausted, but truly invigorated.  He made it, and on a hybrid yet!!!  Imagine how well he would do on an actual road bike.  And so began his goal of entering the 2013 GranFondo from Vancouver to Whistler! 

I share this story because of how inspiring it can be for any of us to set a goal and see it through.  My brother and I completed the 2013 GranFondo together.  It was an awesome event!  There were so many people from all walks of life, and all ability levels,  each riding for their own personal reasons and achievement.  I decided then that I wanted to encourage others to participate in 2014’s GranFondo.  What better way than to offer a contest to win a two nights stay at one of Canada’s top rated Hotels in Whistler.  Whether you actually participate in the GranFondo or not, being there for the weekend, cheering on the participants and catching the wave of inspiration that is at the heart of this event, will hopefully encourage you to set your own fitness/activities goals.  Perhaps it may even ignite a new passion, like it has for my brother.  He not only works out regularly now, he rides with his Vancouver bike club, and is a regular at the Burnaby Velodrome, even winning a few races this season!  His transformation has been astounding! 


Like us on Facebook and you will be automatically entered into a draw to win:

2 night stay for two at #1 ranked hotel for, First Tracks Lodge, Whistler

Located at the base of Whistler Mountain, Creekside.

This one bedroom suite features:   living room, dining room, and full kitchen. 

Amenities include:  year round outdoor pool, hot tub, exercise room

Arrival date:  September 6, 2014

Departure date:  September 8, 2014

Must be 18 years or older to enter

Non transferable

Draw will be made August 23, 2014.

Winner will be contacted directly.


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Graston Technique

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Graston Technique – Soft Tissue Injury Treatment

For soft tissue injuries that are acute, or chronic, that have or could result in a build-up of scar tissue and fascial restrictions, Graston Technique is one of the modalities used at motion Chiropractic that has had very successful outcomes.

Soft tissue injuries often result in scar tissue, pain, and reduced range of motion.  For athletes in particular, this can mean compromised performance, or lengthy time spent on the disabled list.  Graston Technique is an instrument assisted treatment that can detect major and minor fibrotic changes in soft tissue, break down scar tissue, and fascial restrictions.  The results are: decreased time of treatment, faster rehabilitation, reduced need for anti-inflammatory medications, and resolution for injuries thought to be permanent.

Specially designed stainless steel instruments are used to detect and treat areas of adhesions and inflammation.  These instruments break down scar tissue and correctly realign soft tissue fibres for optimal healing.  While some people report minor discomfort during treatment and some surface bruising can result, most find significant relief in a very short time, increased range of motion, and an ability to return to physical activities much sooner than with other treatments.

Doctors utilizing Graston Instruments and Technique must be certified.  Graston is utilized by more than 16 thousand clinicians, hundreds of elite athletes as well as professional and amateur sports organizations.  For a complete list of published research on Graston Technique see:

At motion Chiropractic, I often use Graston Technique in combination with ART (Active Release Technique .  I’ve been impressed with the outcomes of this combination for my patients.

No two injuries are exactly alike.  Having several modalities to choose from allows me to customize individual treatment plans and rehabilitation.  I’m pleased to include Graston Technique in my inventory of available treatments.

Chiropractic Treatments – Tools and Techniques (Part 1)

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Traditionally, Chiropractic is a conservative treatment of neuro/muscular/skeletal issues through manual adjustments.

Breaking that down further, Chiropractic is:  via Latin from the Greek Chiro, meaning hand, and Praktikos, meaning effective or practical; thus the practice of hand adjustments to the spine, joints, soft tissues, and extremities.

Conservative treatment, because it does not utilize drugs or surgeries, it doesn’t introduce anything foreign into the body systems.  The goal of Chiropractic treatments is to bring the body back into alignment and motion so that you can function optimally and return to health.  A body in motion is best able to maintain health!

Chiropractic is a relatively new form of health care, celebrating its 100 birthday in 1995.  Chiropractic treatments vary somewhat from practitioner to practitioner, but the foundation remains the same.   As with all developing treatments, new ideas are continuing to evolve as are the tools and techniques available to the practitioners.

How, then, does a Chiropractor choose what tools or techniques he/she will use?

There are many variables involved:

1)      Training – does the tool or technique require extra training or certification?

2)      Equipment – is there special equipment involved?

3)      Space – does the clinic have adequate space for specialized equipment?

4)      Time – do treatment times allow for the techniques and/or tools required?

5)      Purpose – is the treatment or tool being used for patient education, diagnostics,

direct adjustment, prevention, rehab, or support?

6)      Research – is this tool or treatment evidence based?

7)      Cost – both to the practice as well as the patient.

The BC Chiropractic Association and the Canadian Chiropractic Association govern guidelines on the types of treatments, tools and techniques Chiropractors may use in their practices.

Chiropractors are required to complete continuing education every year.  This provides opportunities to explore and learn about new tools and techniques as well as enhancing existing ones.  Chiropractic research is ever expanding with greater funding and collaboration with Universities and Hospitals throughout North America.  All of this provides Chiropractors with numerous healing options for their patients.

How, then, does the patient decide what chiropractic services they may benefit from?

Beyond diagnosis, straight chiropractic adjustments and protocol, which all Canadian Chiropractors are board certified to do, patients may want to discern additional treatments and services they may benefit from and locate a Chiropractic clinic offering such care.   Consideration to the variables listed above can help with discernment.  Asking questions of your Chiropractor specific to the tools, techniques and treatments they use and why they use them is an important part of an initial consultation.  Is it evidence based?  Is there supporting research?  What are the outcomes?  These are legitimate questions to ask.

What specifically are these tools and techniques Chiropractors use?

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Chiropractic Treatments – Tools and Techniques.

We’ll explore a number of treatments, tools and techniques available and I’ll explain why I’ve chosen the ones available at Motion Chiropractic. (Spoiler alert) There may need to be a Part 3!